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had an hour long yoga class yesterday. was good, given that its been.... 9? 8? months since i last did yoga. Wish i had my mat, instead of shipping it to japan, the one i used was really fucking slippery, hard on my hands and wrists for downward facing dog. felt really good after, though the room was really warm, even the instructor was surprised at how hot it was in there. i stood up and literally had sweat roll off. which also didn't help my hands on the mat.

went for a run today, short, only about 30 minutes, through the neighborhood, with sprints at the end. wanted to get a run in, since i won't be going to yoga tomorrow what with taking jenny to go see HP :) also, had crap tonne of energy to use. this sitting on my ass all day at work thing sucks. its worse than being in school. at least at school, every 55 minutes i got to stand up and walk around.
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