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another attempt by alli to lose weight begins today...

I went to the gym on base today, after dad dropped me off. I've been over the 160lb weight limit for my height since November (though, strangely, over thanksgiving I went from 176 to 170...)

Well, I did work out off and on over the underway, not as often as I wanted, but usually 3 days a week or so, except the week we were in Thailand. It's hard to run on the ship though, especially first week, when due to weather we had heavy seas...

Well, I weighed myself today, before I worked out. How much do I weigh? 184. pounds. That's the most I've ever weighed, that I can recall. So yeah, that's some motivation...

So, anyway, my workout:

warm up- the jog to the gym (about 5 minutes away)
stretching- 7 minutes
treadmill- 30 minutes (5.5 mph first 15 mins, 6 next 12, 6.5 final 3)
abs- sit ups, crunches (15 minutes)
bike- random hills for 15 minutes

I miss yoga...
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