Alli (sammysam) wrote in goodbrynalli,

i have a pool!

Or, access to one anyway :) there is a lovely pool just outside my boq :)

I swam 1100 today. I know, not much, especially compared to swim practices, but i havent swam in over a year and a half. at all. and my shoulders and ellbows were/are very sore from pulling my 97 lbs of luggage (not including my backpack and laptop holder) around two airports.

5x100's fairly moderate speed. alternated a few 25's with backstroke, but was hard cause the sun was righ above me and i didnt have goggles anyway
10x50's faster, including 3 sprints
1x 100 cool down. was planning on a 200 but my shoulders were like "we arent workign anymore ok good bye"

then i sprawled out on a lawn chair by the pool in the sun for 30 minutes or so listening to the corrs on my ipod.

the only problem with the pool? mon-fri they are only open 8-2, which means i wont be able to swim during the week. but weekends i can do.

oh, i also came back and did 100 situps
Tags: swimming
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